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Our fees: Is four to six hundred baht an hour reasonable?

 Most language school fees are very confusing.  Don't be confused by prices that turn out to be for 40 minute "hours"! Or lessons that turn out to be group lessons, not individual lessons. Or offer 150 baht-an-hour “instructors” who have no serious training in Thai language instruction, which takes a lot of experience to do effectively (Most Thai people just do not comprehend the “problem”  non-Thai have with tones and Thai consonants - tones are just “natural” to the Thai). 

 But if you do the arithmetic you will see that most of the best Thai schools charge 400 to 600 baht per 60 minutes face-to- face (individual)  instructor time depending on the qualifications and experience of the instructor.  This is about one third the cost in the US and Europe.

 Our fees for individual lessons are competitively priced depending on the lesson location, your time commitment, and your need for written and audio materials.

 Almost all of our lessons are 90 minutes of continuous instruction. This is a serious "workout" but in our experience is the most effective way to learn quickly.

 Group? Out-of-office?

 We also offer group lessons at a lower rate per  individual. If you bring a friend or two, you can effectively split the costs! Or keep in touch, we’ll let you know as groups form.

 If you would like instruction in your home or office, we will propose a reasonable surcharge to cover our transport and travel costs.

 Typical fees?

 Here are some example proposals given in 2005 to typical students, showing how we worked out the costs:

 Mr. Takeshi  is a serious Thai learner who wanted to learn to read and write Thai in two 90 minute evening lessons a week for twenty weeks, or 60 hours, at our office next to the skytrain station. He had studied with our founder Nim before and he insists on her personal instruction. Due to the large commitment we were able to offer him a discounted  rate of 550 baht per  hour for her time, or 33,000 baht.

 Mr. Smithies visits Thailand from England often and he wants an introductory course of Thai speaking, 20 lessons (30 hours). He is happy to work with Naang, who has done this course many times during the year and a half she has worked with us and comes from the same part of Thailand as Mr. Smithies' fiance, so she can help him with Isan dialect. His fee is 18,000 baht for the course.

 Scott and Noah are California friends, first time in Thailand, and want a get a crash course in elementary  Thai conversation (along with some useful Thai insights for visiting gentlemen) and will share the cost of ten lessons over a couple of weeks. Both Nim and one of our other instructors work with them to give them exposure to a couple of styles of speaking, and we hold two of the lessons in one of our favorite local restaurants to help them order and  enjoy eating local inexpensive food. This works out to 6500 baht each, about one hundred sixty dollars. They save more than that by "going local"  in their eating habits and moving to a better but less expensive accomodation we found for them!

 Mr Smithies also wants to help his fiance Dang improve her English, typing,  and computer skills, and covers the cost of his fiance visiting our school for 7.5 hours a week to work with our computer instructor Poo on  various basic PC skills such as email, MS Word, and Excel.  We charge  1500 baht a week for this service, and Dang is also planning to join our next open English group lesson.


To sum it all up, you are going to pay about 600 baht an hour for a top instructor anywhere, why not do it at an establishment with 20 years experience and stability, a steady repeat client list, a great location, where you can get good advice and unbiased help on many aspects of your Thai experience?



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